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Duane and Allison {are married!} Destination Wedding Cuba... just the beginning

So much to say about this wedding couple… Where do I begin??

Duane and Allison are wonderful. Absolutely head over heels in love with each other. They have a great, big, supportive and hilarious family that I had the pleasure to spend time with in Cuba.  When Allison had emailed me and asked me to shoot their wedding in Cuba I almost fell out of my seat! What an honor to work with such a beautiful and talented couple! When we arrived in Cuba we spent a few days being tourists and relaxing. They treated my Husband and I to a day of catamaran, snorkeling, dinner and a dolphin show which was a blast.

Thank you Duane and Allison. For everything. For an unforgettable trip to Cuba. For trusting me. For allowing me to create art and do what makes me happiest. For letting me and my camera in on a love story that changes lives.

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