I'm Back!!!

To say its been a while is an understatement.
Like Ferris Says

Yup... Well I didn't miss much, but I haven't blogged about it either. 

I know that long ago. It was a big ol' stressball of work and life in general. There was a lot happening and I felt I could manage it. Well, I did but it took a tole on me physically and mentally. 

I overbooked clients, and with my other fulltime job, vacation to Buring Man (*Loved, but put me behind in work) it became a snowball rolling downhill picking up more snow and speed. Yup... just kept piling up. Over the holidays I realized that I would have to scale back and rethink what was important to me. I had to regroup and think what I wanted and then go for it. Well... life had its different plan.

A humbling year to say the least. Started off the the diagnosis of our Furbaby having Cancer...terminal and aggressive. We had to say good bye in March. She was only 9yrs young. It was one of the hardiest things that I have ever experienced in my life. She was not our "Pet", she was our baby.

...and with that, I was sick. Many trips to the doctors/emerg. Diagnosis... Gallstones. I know, not attractive at all, and a real pain when you love all things dairy. Yup, attacks were becoming more frequent and more painful. So in May I underwent my very first surgery, gallbladder removal. Recovery was a little longer, because I didn't take well to the"sleepy drugs". It was weird and difficult being home...alone, and having to do little of anything for 2 weeks... So I bird watched (Obsessively)

Feeding them 3 times a day, and loving every minute. It was highly entertaining and kept me busy.

With 2014 being the way it was I was happy that I limited by bookings to a handful of weddings and family sessions. It was the break that I needed and with that I realized what I liked shooting (Weddings and children, and small Families) and that I wanted to keep doing photography. It was good to step back and breathe. It really did help put things into presceptive. 

Since the passing of our furbaby, it was hard to be in the house. It was too quite, I missed her, and I missed nurturing her. I wanted another puppy... Nothing would ever replace Boo, but I knew that I wanted and had more love to give another wanting puppy. In October we found the newest addition to our family, Lola.

She has been a great addition to the family. She is not 2yrs yet, so there is still a lot of silly puppiness happening.

And now its 2015! Wow.
 Well I really hope to be a little more consistant with posts and I think I will be throwing in a few posts this year just about life in general. What I have been doing, family and fun stuff. Just to help keep this blog ball rolling.

So here's to more posts in 2015... More fun! More Sillyiness and more of what is ME in general.