2017, What a Year

As you can see, once again my poor little blog has been neglected. The thing is, I am having such a great time shooting, that I very rarely post the amazing sessions that I have done.

Well 2018, I will do my best to give a little more love and let you see what I have been up to.

2017 was an AMAZING year. So much so that I have given notice, to the full-time job of 17 years, to pursue this full-time. What does this mean to you exactly? Well, maybe nothing, or maybe you will be happy knowing that I am doing what I truly LOVE to do.

It has been an absolute joy capturing memories throughout the past years, and I CAN NOT wait to see what 2018 has in store... and if I can stay focused and post, you will be able to follow along too.

Til then Folks here just a few of the pretty memories captured in 2017!