A whole lot of Fun and Fur

As you all know I have a big ol' soft spot for furbabies (any/all animals really). So when I was asked by Health Mutts if I was interested in offering my services for Pet Portraits, I JUMPED at the chance.

Health Mutts is a great local business that offers an alternative to kibble food for your pets. When we adopted our Pup Lola, we knew that we wanted to try a raw food diet, but had no idea where to start... and googling it wasn't getting us anywhere. So we reached out, and heard of Health Mutts. Selena, the owner, gave us all our options and got us started. 3 years later and we are still going strong.

So, Back to the pet portraits. It was the first time I did anything like this, and by that I mean have a series of "mini" sessions booked so close together. Honestly, I had no idea if it would work out well or not. I knew I wanted to keep it simple, and clean, and not too many distractions for the furbabies. Well, I could have NOT asked for better.

The pups, were well, pups. Thankfully very food motivated and its always great to have someone close by with a yummy treat, and me with my trusty neck squeaker to get their attention.

It was a very quick session... 3-4 snaps and then they were done. There was no time for them, or their parents, to overthink.

So enough I my rambling right! Get to the good Stuff, lol. Here are just a few of that great day. There was a lot of licks, snuggles and I had one jealous pup when I got home. BUT it was well worth it!