Oh What a Day! South Shore Wedding Expo - Bridgewater

Wow!!! What an amazing show. Was so excited to hear that Reena and Luke were organizing another Wedding Expo for the South Shore area. They go above and beyond. From Organizing, prepping, online & social media presence, keeping vendors up to date, and feeding us before the show. They are SO AMAZING!!! Seriously, its by favorite Expo to attend as a vendor. The South Shore Wedding Expo in Bridgewater is the BEST!

I have been fortunate enough to be a vendor at various shows in the Bridgewater area for the last few years, and I really LOVE them. I do not have a studio, so this gives me a chance to meet all the excited engaged couples planning their wedding, in a way that is not too structured. They get to see what I do, and ask any questions they may have.

My Booth has not changed much through the years, but the wall is updated ever year showcasing just a fraction of the amazing memories I have been so fortunate to capture. I really love seeing them in print, SO pretty.

So here are just a couple of shots of the booth in its glory, excitedly waiting for all the lovely couples. (Yes, my mind often wanders into Disney/Pixar inspired fantasies, where in-animated objects are actually alive, lol...cue musical number...)

Oh, and if anyone wants to know  how I built the booth, just shot me a message and I will send you the info.

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