Ian & Amber {Are Expecting} Hirtle Beach Nova Scotia

What better way to celebrate a Snow Day, then to post this warm beach maternity session with Ian and Amber.

This was the first time to photograph at this beach, and I instantly fell in love. Nova Scotia has so many little hidden gems like this beach. And, I know that many people, especially locals may have known about this beach forever, but for me, its all new. 

We had a great time, on the rocks, in the water and along the boardwalk. Ian and Amber were champs and game for anything, both said they aren't the best to get pictures of, but really, who is? I thought they did great, we laughed, chatted and just kept moving... oh and there were a few barks as well.

When people ask if its ok to bring along their furbaby, I reply with a big 'YES!' Ian and Ambers furbaby was so happy to be at the beach, nothing else really mattered, lol....and I couldn't agree more.

It was a perfect day at the beach with a perfect couple and their perfect furbaby.

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