2020...What the heck?!?


To say that 2020 has not gone as planned, for any of us, may be an understatement. I know its been the year that no one imagined or wanted. But its here, whether we want it or not.

Like many, my business has been directly impacted. I went from an exciting season of shooting, to cancellations, postponements and finding myself (as I am sure like many of us) stuck in limbo. Not sure what to do next, or what was safe to do next.

SO, I began creating. I started a little veggie garden, we did some building: deck, hammock stand, privacy fence, benches, and shed...on and on... And I started shooting myself. Just to shoot something, safely.

I will say that I have learned A LOT this year. 

1.) I am not good at staying idle.

2.) I am not good with not knowing whats going to happen, or when. 

3.) Patience...well sort of. Lets say its a work in progress.

4.) Most of all that I am SO grateful that I (My family and friends) are safe and healthy. 

I will be shooting my last wedding of the season this weekend. Its a far cry from my originally scheduled 13. But, I will take it! 

I am still here. I am still shooting. But most of all I am grateful!

Be safe and hopefully I will see you through my lens soon.

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